Jul 23, 2009

Just Released Hindi Movie: LOTTERY: Watch Online

Main Story: Rohit [Abhijeet Sawant] is an accountant working in an ad agency. An anonymous message asks him to accept a challenge. He does so and he wins Rs. 3 lacs. The wheels of fortune are set in motion. There are more challenges and bigger rewards. In reality, theres no stopping now. The story takes a turn when Rohit is accused of murder. His life goes upside down. Indian Idol 1 winner Abhijeet Sawant made his debut in this movie. The other actors were Richa Gujrati as Soha, Sanjay Narvekar as Kabir, Manisha Kelkar as Simran Kapoor and Mukesh Tiwari as Raja Thakur. The movie was produced by Govind Satnaam and Directed by Hemant Prabhu.

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