Sep 12, 2013

AppliKali Launches Four Useful SmartPhone Mobile Apps

There is staggering number of smartphone users in the country and this number is growing by the day. Most of the apps used in the smartphones are the ones developed by American and other western countries. Although there is no harm in using apps developed by foreign companies, one thing these companies fail to do is to come up with the apps that are targeted according to local needs of other countries. This is where a Nepali software company like AppliKali has its role to play. 

In a recent press meet function of AppliKali, a software company under Kalika Group, the company chairman Bikram Pandey, CEO Nicholas Pandey along with technical team showcased four useful apps.

Taxi Fares Nepal

It is not easy to get a taxi ride these days. Either the taxi driver does not agree to go by meter or the customers have to pay a lot more by the use of tampered meter. The app shows the distance and fare between two places, separate rates for day and night set by government along with waiting and flag down charges. It can also be used in map mode by pointing source and destination places. The app works in offline mode as well where there is no Internet connection.


NEPSE App brings real-time data from the Nepal Stock Exchange along with a very useful 'Portfolio' section to keep track on one's investments, net worth, daily gain/loss, buying/selling history, etc. Data is available for live trading, market information, stock history, floorsheet, charts etc. It delivers information of all stocks listed with Nepal Stock Exchange, currency exchange rates set by NRB and gold, silver and fuel prices. There is also a calculator feature that provides detailed information for each transaction like Broker Commission, Capital Gain Tax, SEBON Fee, Name Transfer Fee, etc

Panic SMS

Panic SMS is an app for emergency situations where the app can be used to send GPS location with a link of map via SMS to preset numbers. It can be activated by pressing power button four times in android phones and by using App in Apple iOS phones. The person in difficulty can be easily tracked down and help can be provided in time. As this kind of other Apps are available as paid version only; after Panic SMS became available for free, it has already been downloaded by large number in America and Europe.

Kalika FM App

This official app of Kalika FM comes up with many features like live streaming of Kalika FM 95.2 and 91 MHz, program schedule, presenter profiles, songs dedication, news etc. It is the first dedicated app of Nepali FM station.

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