Sep 19, 2013

Bhuwan KC announced his Upcoming Film 'Karodpati-2' on his birthday

Actor Bhuwan KC announced the making of the sequel of his movie ‘Karodpati’ named ‘Karodpati 2′ on his birthday. The movie will feature his son Anmol KC in the leading role.

After the success of ‘Hostel’ Anmol has raised in popularity among youngsters and is viewed as a next superstar in Nepali movie industry. Bhuwan has written the script of the movie with his son in his mind. Bhuwan says that the movie will go on floor after Dashain.

‘Karodpati 2′ will be the seventh movie of Bhuwan’s home production company, Kajol Films. He told that the movie will feature two actresses but he didn’t reveal the names of the leading actresses. The movie will also feature Bhuwan as a director for the first time.
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