Sep 12, 2013

Bindaas 2 poster withdrawn after protest by the actress Anisha Gurung

This is like a scripted story in case of the director Raju Giri‘s film making. He designs hot poster without the consent from the actress and releases in the wild. The public responds to it for being hot and vulgar. There is a bit of tussle between the actress and the director before he decides to withdraw the poster.
The strategy has worked for Giri so far and he has repeated it in his upcoming movie ‘Bindaas 2′. Actress Anisha Gurung and her family objected the poster of Anisha featured on the poster. After a tussle and negotiation, Giri has agreed to remove the poster from the promotion. Satisfied Anisha will be promoting the movie actively.

Giri has a record of being the director with the most number of confrontations with the actresses of his movies. Do you remember these incidents?

  • ‘Rakshya’ poster changed after Poojana’s objection
  • In ‘Bindaas’, Sushma Karki wasn’t happy about the poster
  • In ‘Chandrawati’ Sashi Khadka wasn’t happy about the love making scene in the movie.

The Bindaas 2 poster in question, an exact copy of a poster of a Hindi movie, was also criticized for plagiarism.
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