Sep 13, 2013

Do Nepali Models fit in Model criteria ?

The British Association of Model Agents (AMA) says that female models should be around 34-24-34 in (86-61-86 cm) and at least 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall.

Wikipedia defines a model as ‘a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for works of art.’

  • How many of them are posing for ‘works of art’? Probably, none.
  • How many of the internet models are ‘promoting fashion clothing’ or other product ? A very small number of them, I believe.

Some of you might say that the definition of model, in this digital age, is changed. I agree, and I also believe so. But, there is still something amiss, odd, or awkward on the way our modeling industry is shaping up. I have lost track of the beauty contests, being held every other day — and I won’t be writing about them anymore unless they are ‘big enough’ like Miss Nepal. These ‘model manufacturing’ contests might be one of the reason there are so many models around.
When you can’t fit it in the traditional definition, you should redefine term itself so that, everybody fits in it. Then, what is the definition of Nepali version of Model ?

Let me list out some of the points to be considered while drafting the definition of model. (I have only considered female models and male models are out of scope for this article):
  • In Nepal 5 ft 8 in is too much to expect from female models. 5 ft. tall might be an average height to be considered.
  • Usually models should bring their own dress, makeup kits, and make-up artist unless otherwise agreed beforehand. So, they are not promoting anything, except themselves.
  • Many models say that they have to pay the photographer or producers, not the other way around.
  • Only lucky models can show dress. All others should show the opposite.
  • Models should have a secondary job to pay for them. (When model agents, like cybersansar, can’t pay themselves enough and had to do alternative business, how can models expect to survive in that profession?)

Some modeling scandals and controversies might also be helpful while drafting the derination:
  • The modeling industry was shocked when models Ramita Bhandari and Sabu Shah were arrested on charges of trafficking girls promising lucrative jobs in Singapore.
  • Last year, when the Internet based prostitution racket run by Sangeeta Shrestha, was busted by the police, it was revealed that models were available for Rs. 50,000 per night. The rate of celebrities was twice that amount. Although, no names were revealed, it is clear some of them have opted to work in the business.
  • In an interview published in Saptahik, a model, Smita Thapa, told that she is earning more than 4-5 lakh a month. At the same time she told that she has lost track of how many people she has slept with. In response, another model Baby Thapa told that she also has a lot of boyfriends and is liberal in sexual relationship.
  • A model turned actress Namrata Shrestha sex scandal video showed her intimate moments with a married man — who wasn’t her boyfriend.
  • Another model turned actress Pooja Lama‘s similar scandal video forced her to marry the guy involved, temporarily. They got separated in less than a year.

Said that, I don’t mean modeling is full of such things. There are some positive aspects too:

Many have taken it as the stepping stone to debut their acting career. For example, Jharana Bajracharya, Namrata Shrestha, Nisha Adhikari, Richa Singh Thakuri, Kalpana Shahi, Anuska Dhakal, Sunita Gandarva, Rekha Thapa, Richa Ghimire, Puja Lama, Yamuna Upreti all started their career as models. Others have started their career as air hostess, fashion business, and dancing in Nepali and foreign restaurants.
Apart from moving on to another profession, some of the successful models — still modeling are, Nisha Adhikari, Namrata Shrestha, Binita Baral, Pooja Lama, Hema Shrestha, Kalpana Shrestha, Shristi Shrestha, Pragya Pokharel, Sahana Bajracharya, Sanju Pariyar, Aayushi Shah, Uma Thapa, Raj Ghimire. But, they also don’t fit into the definition of a model.

With all these information, I hope you would be able to come up with a definition of Model in Nepali context. Please use the Facebook comment box OR the one below it, to post your definition.
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