Sep 19, 2013

Neeta Dhungana Celebrating Her 22nd Birthday in an Orphanage

Actress Neeta Dhungana celebrated her 22nd birthday on Monday in an orphanage.

Neeta visited Sirjanshil Balsewa Orphanage in Kandaghari to celebrate her birthday. Nita celebrated with 17 inmates of the orphanage by cutting her birthday cake and sharing it with the kids. Nita also promised to donate some monetary gift to the orphanage in coming month.

Nita has been active in Nepali film industry for the last five years. She debuted in ‘Mitini’ and two of her upcoming movies, ’6 Ekan 6′ and ‘War’, are waiting to release.

On her birthday, lognepal team wishes Neeta an even more successful career in coming days.

Some more photos of the birthday celebration:

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