Sep 19, 2013

"SALGI" Nepali Movie base on Salgi ko Balatkrit Aashu by Renouned Nepali Writer Parijat

'Salgi' is a feature film presented by Rang Films and TV Creation, produced by Sudarshan Shrestha and directed by Badri Adhikari. The film is based on the popular story 'Salgi Ko Balaatkrit Aansu' written by the renowned Nepali writer Parijat famous for her novel Sirish ko Phool (Blue Mimosa). The story tells a harrowing tale of how innocent Nepali village girls are lured of a luxurious city life and sold to the brothels of India and the sufferings they undergo thereafter. This film has already received four awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Story and Best Script in the TAFON-MEDIA HUB Tele Awards 2067/2010.

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