Sep 8, 2013

Rekha Thapa unveiled adult novel ‘Droupati’

In a program held in Kathmandu the second novel of the controversial writer Rajendra Thapa was unveiled. Actress Rekha Thapa unveiled the novel titled ‘Droupati’.

Rajendra Thapa’s first novel ‘Khelauna’ was of adult nature written on the story of the out-spoken model Smita Thapa, who claim to use male as a toy.

While talking in the event, the writer Rajendra Thapa told that the novel has a symbolic meaning. The ancient figure Droupati is known as the wife of five brothers – Pandavas. Rajendra also told that he has got numerous offers to make movies on the story of his previous novel ‘Khelauna’. He told that the movie based on the story will be announced soon.
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