Sep 13, 2013

Rekha Thapa’s dialogue about wife’s underwear under fire for her New Movie KALI 2013

A dialogue in Rekha Thapa‘s upcoming movie ‘Kali‘ has created a controversy among the women right groups. In a trailer released recently, Rekha is shown saying, "This uniform is not like your wife’s underwear that you can take off at your will."

Women rights advocates claim that the statement implies that husbands can have their will over wives. Under the law in Nepal, wives and husbands have equal right and no one can force the other to do things against his/her will. When a husbands removes his wife’s underwear against her will, the law says that, it is a rape and the husband is subjected to legal action. With such a statement, Rekha Thapa is accused of degrading women’s right.

In a Facebook post, Rekha has asked the opinion of her friends on the dialogue.

The dialogue is located at 1:20 in the following video: Watch Trailer of Nepali Movie "KALI"

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