Sep 24, 2013

Thamel Kathmandu, XRay Report of Bar Dancing Club (Real Night life in Thamel Kathmandu)

The central capital city of  Nepal ,Kathmandu and famous touristic point thamel is now changing the style of night life.During the time of tourist season thamel has special night life activities has increasing  .most of club dance bar and restaurant are the place showing there name card doing different action. By the name of  women worker in different institution , there are so many women has been suppressed by the  owner of dance bar club and restaurant compulsion to participated in sexual relation with the customer.Shake of money girls are working in different dance bar club and Message center to sell there sexual part of there body.

Touristic center in thamel so many message center has providing a sexual activities and so on . The group of third sex , or it's also know as gay are looking for a sexual  partner at the let night  in Thamel. Even though Nepal police and government has not allowed to do this type of activities at all . but the fact is always better and sad for some time . They are arrested. mostly the new scenario it's also not far from the sex and tourism in Nepal .according to the news some of tourist also involve in this types of activities and so on.
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