Sep 10, 2013

Top Nepali Actress/Model with Breast Tattoo

Nepali Top Actress and Models are having Tattoos on very sensational Organs.One after another the whim of having tattoos  on sexy parts of their body. Firstly Karisma Mandhar came on media showing off her tattoos of her chest with Red Rose. After then Loot Item Number girl Sushma Karki’s tattoo of Sun (Surya) made on her breast took well on the market. Following their steps another models and actreess started to print Tatto on their breast at the same position printed by Karisma Mandhar and Sushma Karki. We have here featured another Two Hot Nepali Models Sashi Khadka and Sophiya having tattoo on their Chest.

Karishma Mandhar exposing Her Breast Tattoo(Rose) at Nefta Awards.

Sushma Karki Exposing Tattoo  of Sun

Sophiya with Tattoo on Breast

Sashi Khadka with her tattoo on Breast

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