Oct 9, 2013

Arunima Lamsal- Dashain Special 2070

Nepali actress Arunima Lamsal feels the coming of Dashain with cool breeze of wind and sweet smell of Parijat flower. She also gets the feeling of Dashain by the crowd in the market. While in school she used to wait for the long holidays in Dashain. She enjoyed the new cloths and festive environment. These days, she likes meeting family members in the festival. She doesn’t like people abuse the festive spirit by drinking excessively and playing cards.

One of the things she used to like while she was little was the gifts of money. Once a brother gave her $10 as a gift and she still has the money with her. But these days, she spends more in gifting others than what she receives.

Arunima loves eating and prefers goat meat a lot. Although she vegetarian dishes a few days, mostly it is all non-vegetarian food with a lot of goat meat.
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