Jul 20, 2015

Yespali Batauli Jaamla Barilai

The song, Yespali Batauli Jaamla Barilai is sung by Singers Om Gyawali  and Tika Pun. The lyrics of the song are written by Krishna Anjan Gyawali. The music is given by Om Gyawali. The video is directed by Bishnu Bhattarai. The song can be expressed in the following ways. The festival is observed with a prayer for wellness of their husbands. The festival is observed in Nepal for the three days. In the first day of Teej, the women gathered in a place and they start to dance as well as sing the devotional songs. The second day is fasting day in which the married women take fast without eating anything. The day is marked when the women, without drinking and eating, but they visit to nearby temple of Lord Shiva and celebrate dance as well as sing. Here the singers are also saying about the fact that Teej is approaching nearer and thus the beloved wants to roam in the varied parts of the country . Her lover too presents how beautiful is the country from Tansen to Rupandehi.  Thus the song is based on the theme of Teej song  in which the beloved presents her wish of dancing and roaming new places.

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