Jul 31, 2015

‘Yespali ko Teej’- 2072 Teej song

Very important festival for all Nepali woman ‘Teej’ is almost here Women get dressed in red and green. They wake up early in the morning and visit temples to worship the Hindu god Shiva. Married woman fast and pray for their husband’s long life and unmarried woman pray for a good husband. In the specious occasion the music industry is also starting to flood with release of nee Teej music videos so that all the Nepali women can dance and enjoy during the hectic day where they fast all day without even drinking water.
In the same phase, a new song titled ‘Yespali ko teej’ has been released. The Teej music video has been directed by Arjun Adhikari and also has been composed by Tanka Budhathki. Singers Birkha Bahadur Dhami and Sharu Gautam are singing the song which has been written by Subhash Gautam. The music is also by Subhash Gautam.
Artists Puspa, Barsha, Bipana and Prasant have performed in the music video. They have danced flawlessly and have seriously recreated the look of Teej. The misic video contains the cinematography by Hari Humagain.
The video has also been uploaded on YouTube. It was uploaded on 28th of July and has been already seen more than 10 thousand times.

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