Aug 6, 2015

Anju Panta’s video with more than a million views

Nowadays there are many Nepali music videos being uploaded on YouTube every single day. Inspite being uploaded they are not able to attract that many views.

On the other hand singer Anju Panta’s ‘Timi Bina Sakdina’ has defeated all the odds and has been able to collect more than a million views. The video has been uploaded by the official channel of Music Nepal. The video was uploaded on 8th Feb 2013 and has been viewed 1 million 1 hundred thousand, 81 thousand 7 hundred and 66 times. The video also has thousands of likes.

The music video of Anju Panta has title ‘Timi Bina Sakdina’ and is a number of album ‘Shishir’. The song with the voice of Anju Panta has music by Hemant Shishir. The lyrics of the song have also been written by musician Hemant Shishir. The music video has been produced by Times Music. Actress Keki Adhikari is starring in the music video.
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