Aug 13, 2015

Chota Luga Falera Rato Sari

The song title is Espaliko Teej Maa by the vocalist, lyricist and musician Salu Gautam. The arranger of the music video is Rikesh Gurung. The song is as to wear the bangle and necklace the desire on me, come on all of friends to dance excitingly, by flagging the red sari bend you hip, by forgetting all the pain and the troubles dance in the enjoying way. In this time of teej I also sang the song, by throwing the short dresses I wore the red sari. Whatever you say, in this time of teej we will dance by bending the hot hip. All of the friends by marrying went to the house of their husband, for me there is no one found and now I became lonely. This time I will also fast in the Teej, if you didnt gave me husband then I will fight with Mahadev. I do not care whether you say me outrageous, after seeing me by everyone in their match is drawn.
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