Aug 16, 2015

Jhumka Harayo Mero Butwalko Bazaarma’ Teej special song

One of the biggest festivals of Hindu women, Haritalika Teej is coming soon. It falls on Bhadra Krishna Tritiya every year. This year, it is going to be celebrated in 29th of Bhadra. It is celebrated usually by Hindu women fasting all day without eating and drinking anything. But they eat a special food before sun rises in the morning of that day or previous night commonly known as ‘Dar’.

But in the sacred day of Teej, women wake up early, take bath and after that they start fasting without eating and drinking anything. Some women gather together and do puja of Lord Shiva. After then they break their fast eating food from their husband’s hand. It is believed that taking fast on this day, Lord Shiva gets pleased and provides prosperity, happiness and long life of their husband. Married woman offer a special kind of food known as ‘Aath Roti’ to their husband. This fasting is usually taken by married women. But nowadays, unmarried girls also do fasting to get a good husband in the future. It is practiced more in Hilly areas of Nepal by Aaryan community. But nowadays, every community performs this.

Women celebrate it with lots of enthusiasm enjoying by dancing and singing all day and night. They even don’t sleep on this day. They make a group of some women and they sing, dance and enjoy all day and night. So due to this, many Teej songs get released before 2 months of the sacred day. Every year many Teej songs release in the market. There are many Teej songs released this year for Teej.

‘Jhumka Harayo Mero Butwalko Bazaarma’ a Teej song that has released this year so that women can enjoy like every year in this occasion. The song is composed by Tilak Oli. He has provided his own music for the song. The main artists in the music video of this song are Bijay and Saru. The song is directed by Ashok BK. The song is released in the YouTube by Music Nepal on Aug 12 2015. You can watch the full video of the song by clicking in the link given below.
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