Aug 2, 2015

Khich Deu Euta Photo" is a Teej song

Khich Deu Euta Photo" is a Teej song. The song is sung by Pashupati Sharma and Jyoti Magar. The lyricist and the music director of the song is Pashupati S
harma. The song is very beautiful and realistic. In the song the singer has targeted the current fashion. As we can see people are being very modern and they can be seen dressing western dresses. The western culture has been very famous in past times and the people are following it as a rule. We can see all the people wearing a raggy dresses which they call it a fashion and if anyone is seen wearing a simple dress then she is called weird. In the song the singer has taken the situation and expressed the situation in song. Watch video to know more….
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