Aug 15, 2015

Maiti ghar Ko kukur ne paryo’ By Muna Thapa Magar

It is our tradition and religion where a girl has to leave her house and go to another house to take the responsibilities. The other house become their house but not the house where they were born. That’s what the fate of every women and girl is. But then they keep on missing their home where they were born. The song maiti gharko Kukur ni pyaro’ also talk about how precious is the house where they were born to the women after they leave for new house. The song is in the voice of Muna Thapa Magar.

The song has got music and word by Prem Sagr Poudel. The lyrics of the song is specially written for the great festival of women Teej. The marketing of the song is done by Prati Music And Creation. The music video of the song is directed by Shiva BK. The video has got Sushma Adhikari as model who has done appealing work
on expressing the feel of the song. The video is shot by Sambi Chalise.
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