Sep 26, 2013

Dashain Facebook Status, 2070 Dasain FB Status 2013, Happy Dashain Festival

'Dashain Facebook Staus' (2070) are here for you as I Nepalese biggest festival is comming soon. Yes, our awaited Bada Dasain of the year 2013 is near. So I wanna wish you a verry 'Happy Vijaya Dashami 2070' to all of you. Here, I wanna share '2013 Bijaya Dashami Facebook Status' for you guys so that you can copy-paste and post on your Facebook wall. Facebook has been famous among us to share 'Dashain Wishes' & 'Tihar Greetings' too. Without getting delay I wanna present fb status of Vijaya Dashami 2013 (Dashain 2070) below. 

1. Happy Vijaya Dashami of 2070 B.S. 

2. Happy Dashain 2070. 

3. Happy Dashain of 2013. 

4. I want to wish you a very Happy Dashain 2070 to you all. 

5. Desh-bidesh ma rahenu vayeka mera Nepali daju vai tatha didi bahini haru ma 2070 sal ko Bijaya Dashami ko sukhat uplakshyama saha-rhidhya dekhi hardik suva kamana chha. 

6. 2070's Dashain is near. So happy Dashain 2013 in advance. 

7. I want to wish you a very happy 2013' Dashain Festival to all my Fb friends. 

8. Enjoy you Dashain vacation. 

9. Dashain holidays are here and we've returned back to our home. 

10. Get tika, jamara and blessing from you elders and may you Dashain a memorable one. 

11. 2070 sal ko Vijaya Dasami ko pawan aawasharma tapaiko swasthya, sathi haru ani pariwar ko Durga Bhawani le sadhai kalyan garun. 

12. May goddess Durga bless on you family. I want to wish you a Happy Vijaya Dashmi & Subha Dipawali 2070. 

13. Happy Dashain & Tihar to all of my Facebook friends. 

14. I heartly wanna wish you on the ospecious ocassion of Dashain and Tihar of the year 2013. 

15. Stay healthy & happy. Do not get involved yourself in gambling. Enjoy the festival with your friends and families. And Happy Dashain & Tihar 2013. 

A very 'Happy Dashain & Tihar 2070' from RabinsXp too. I know you guys will enjoy this festive season and for many students its a holiday time to enjoy & only enjoy keeping their study aside. Enjoy yourself, celebrate festival, take tika & jamara, buy & wear new clothes, visit your mama ghar and do all sorts of awesome things you wanna do and also never forget to respect your culture.

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