Sep 27, 2013

Rajesh Hamal's Bed Scene With Sushma Karki

Lately 'Mahanayak' Rajesh Hamal seems o be ready for giving bed scences and kiss scenes who used to be a shy actor on those matters.

Recently, Rajesh Hamal has given bed scene with a hot and most rumoured actress Sushma karki in new Nepali movie 'Mero Jiwan Saathi'.Hamal and karki's romance is seen in this movie directed by Diwakar Bhattarai.'Khusi Nai Khusi' is currently launched song(video) from the movie ' Mero Jiwan Saathi' thourgh Onlinekhabar.Com.Lyrics written by Surya Karki, Khusi Nai Khusi' is sung by Rajesh Payal Rai and Durga Kharel on Diwakar Bhattarai's Music composition.Directed by Shankhar B.C the video is shot by Rakeshwar Karki.

Apart from Hamal and Karki, Rekha Thapa, Ragini Khadki and Resh Maratha are also seen in the movie. For now, watch 'Khusi Nai Khusi 'from the Movie Mero Jiwan Saathi.
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