Oct 9, 2013

Nandita KC- Dashain Special 2070 (Hot and Sexy Actress Nandita KC)

As usual, Actress Nandita KC goes to her home in Arghakhachi to celebrate Dashain. Nandita loves Dashain gets excited when talking about the festival.

‘I like the Dashain tika on my forehead and Jamara on my hair. I also like the blessings from my elders,” says Nandita. One thing Nandita doesn’t like about the festival is animal sacrifices in homes and temples in the name of the festival. Nandita clarifies her concern, “Even if the tradition is age old, killing something to celebrate is not good.”

Nandita has set aside Rs. 15,000 to spend in Dashain. Given the inflation, the amount is not a big sum. She says that she will spend all on it in clothes. While in Europe earlier this year, Nandita had bought enough clothes so, she is not shopping much.

Nandita KC wishes all the readers a very happy Dashain and asks not to kill innocent animals to celebrate the festival.
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