Oct 9, 2013

Sabina Karki- Hot and Sexy Nepali Actress (Biography and Filmography)

Nepali actress Sabina Karki debuted in ‘Dulahi Rani’. The movie wasn’t much helpful in the popularity of the actress until the controversial movie ‘ATM’ was made. Although the movie was banned after two shows, the movie was the most talked about movie in terms of adult and vulgar contents. One of the three lead actresses in the movie, Sabina Karki also enjoyed the popularity gained by the controversy.

Sabina Karki says that it is very difficult to enter the film industry. She says, there are people who want to take advantage of you at every steps.

Before entering film industry she had done some tele-serials and music videos.

In a male, Sabina like smart, handsome and a hunk with long hair. She had always wanted to enter army as all of her family members are in army. But, after entering the film industry, she has decided to remain in the industry.

About sex, Sabina told that she has saved it for her husband. In the movies she believes bed scenes and glamour scenes are parts of the movie industry and she is confortable in being featured in any types of bed scenes. She also feels comfortable in featuring in two-pieces.


  • Dulahi Rani
  • ATM (banned after first show)
  • Bacha (upcoming)
  • Chhal (upcoming)


  • Sabina Karki’s role in ‘ATM’ was full of controversy. She has deliver vulgar dialogues, sex scenes and nudity.
  • Sabina’s statement that the actor of the movie kissed such that her lips were swollen was much talked about topic at that time. She had tried to increase her popularity by the controversial statement in media.
  • After ‘ATM’ and its protest, she had promised not to do such vulgar movies again. But, at times, she tries to imply that she can do any types of role in movies, if required.
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