Jul 24, 2015

Bhai Laure’ –Ramchandra Chand and Baburam Panthi

A new folk song has been out in the market along with the music video. The music has very nostalgic sound of army life. The lyrics of the song related to the coma back of the soldiers in his home back from long time of the separation of his with his family. It also speaks about the older brothers whose younger brother is in army and earns more than him.

The song is in the voice of Ramchandra Chand and Baburam Panthi. The lyrics and the music for the song is given by Basanta Thapa. The lyric of the song talks about the comparison that brothers make with each other along with the society.

The music video for the song is directed by Jiwan Century with the help of Mukesh Humagain camera for shooting the video. The video has been edited by Jiwan Century himself. The music video and the song is produce by Shiva Darshan Digitals. The music video feature Umesh and Janardan as the model in the video.
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