Jul 24, 2015

New teej song by Yograj Pokharel and Rajendra Pokharel

With the great festival of women teej nearby the songs for this days is already getting out in the market. Following the trend singer Yograj Pokharel and Rajendra Pokharel ha brough a new song specially focusing to the great festival for women teej. The music video for the song has also been released.
The song ‘tenson Hataideu’ from the album ‘tension hataideu’. It is a title track in the album. The song is in the voice of Yograj Pokharel, Rajendra Pokharel, Tejes Regmi and Silu Bhattari. The lyrics and the music for the song is by Tajes Regmi.
The producer and distributor of the album is Unique Musics. The video has got dance and modeling of Bijay, Binod, Sushila and Missi. The video has been shot by Sovakar Pokharel. The song has nostalgic sound which suits the environment of teej.
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