Jul 26, 2015

New Comudy Teej Song 2072

The song, "Sasuki Chhori" is sung by Singers Raju Pariyar, Sher Bahadur Acharya and Bima Kumari Dura. The song can be expressed in the following ways. The singer said that the mustard oil is the best oil and the very beautiful woman is the daughter of his mother in law.  The beloved says that she knows that the mustard oil is the best oil but she also warns him not to believe on the mother-in-laws daughter. The lover then says that he has found curd kept in the kitchen. He also wants to know how old his in-laws sister has been.  Then the sister in law said him that he is already the husband of her elder sister and still he is in love with her. Thus the song is based on the theme of comedy. The song is included in the album, Sasuki Chori. The lyrics of the song are penned down by Sher Bahadur Acharya. The music video is  directed by Prakash Bhatta. 
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