Aug 4, 2015

Hami Nepali Teej Song

The song, “Hami Nepali Hau” is sung by Pashupati Sharma and Devika KC. The song has rejected the notion of rigid caste system in Nepal since there are no any hierarchies in between the various castes. We are the Nepalese and we are all born equal. But such strata are created by the men of the superior status and thus the lower level people become the v
ictim. In that case, the song says that there is no any caste system despite he or she is Kami, Bahun or the Chhetris. Those who talk about the caste system they are destructing the nation. So far, the singer has also said that those who talk about the caste they do not have brain. His son has married to Kami and his daughter has married to Damai. He has also married to Gurungseni. He lastly says that he is Nepali and he knows that much. So far, he has also added that he has never talked about the casteism in his family since caste is not so important to know. What is important is that we all are Nepali. So far, in the same case, the beloved also says that her brother has also married to Sherpa woman and her sister has also married to Newar.
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