Aug 5, 2015

Teej Song ‘Chan Chan Ghungruko Talaima

New Nepali Teej music video ‘Chan Chan Ghungruko Talaima’ is now available at market and social sharing sites. This music video focused great festival of Hindu Women Teej. Singer of the song ‘Chan Chan Ghungruko Talaima’ are Ramji Khad and Bishnu Shrestha where lyrics amd music are written and composed by Bishnu Shrestha. Arranger of the song is Binod Parajuli. Production, distribution and post production is done by Regmi Films private limited. In the video, models Trinkel K.C. and Manish Shrestha are acts who are directed by director Raju Regmi Magar. Cinematographer of this teej song ‘Chan Chan Ghungruko Talaima’ is Buddha Thapa who capture the video make by choreographer Manish Shrestha and editing is done by Suresh Raut.

‘Teej’, a greatest festival of Hindu Women. In that day, Hindu women worship lord Shiva, meet all their sisters and make the day beautiful with dance sing and visiting places with an empty stomach. They do all these for thier husband long life who are married and who are unmarried they do all these for meeting good and able to live life husband in future. This festival is celebrate in ‘Bhadra Sulkha Tritya’ according to Nepali calander. See the new Teej music video ‘Chan Chan Ghungruko Talaima’ below.
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