Aug 5, 2015

New Teej 2072 Sasu Buhari Ko Juhari | Teej Special

The song video is titled as "Sasu Buhari ko Juhari" and it is especially prepared for the Teej. The song is by Ratna Baniya, Gaurav Giri, Kopila Chinnal, Srijana Pandey and Kumari Chepang. The lyricist and the musician of the song is Ratna Baniya. The director of the video is Ratna Baniya. The song is as I cant do anything by stepping down from the yard. You two go to the maternal house turn by turn. Younger lady you went last year and this year its my turn. With the father and mother we will be having food together. In the last Dashain the elder sister went to her maternal house, she has only got the father and mother, isnt there are mine. You can stop the work of the house for two days. Do not feel tensed I will take care of our mother. In house there is the same thing what are the things of the pressure.  The mother will be alone so do not tell such thing.
Video by Jharana Sangeet

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