Aug 13, 2015

New teej song ‘Aaipugyo teej’ By Manju Paudel

Singer Manju Poudel has brought the song especially for the greatest festival of hindu women Teej. The song has got the vibe of teej and the song says’Aaipugyo teej’. the song is totally a teej especially, easy to sing and dance on and have some message in it. The song is written by Manju Poudel who herdself has given music for the song. The song and the music video for the song is produced and distributed by Asish Music. The music video has got Manju, KAbita, Uma Baby and Nilam as the model. The music video for the song is direcyed by Babbu Thapa who has been helped by Durga Poudel in the shooting of the music video. The music video has been edited by Prabin and Pawan together. The visual in the video is construted by Ekata Films .

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