Aug 12, 2015

New teej song ‘Bhaisi satejha budhi satna milne bhaye’

What do you think would have happen if the wife could be exchangeable? Probably most of the husband would have already accepted the exchange offer. A song keeping this as it title ‘Bhaisi satejha budhi satna milne bhaye’ is out in the market along with music video.
The song is in the voice of Namraj Pandey, jamuna rana and Tejash Regmi. The song is folk song where the have the conversation of father husband and wife. The song is about the complaining between husband and wife. The song is written by Tejash Regmi who has also given music for the song. The production and distribution of the song is done by Unique Musics.

The music video for the sonf has got Surbir Pandit, Shusila, Namraj and Bibek. The video has got the direction of Bijay Pokharel who has been helped by Gokul Adhikari. The music video is edited by Arjun Pokharel.
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