Aug 10, 2015

Surkay thaili khai from the movie Ward no 6

A new music video of movie’ Wada no 6’ which will be releasing on 1st of Asoj has been publicized. The song released has title ‘Surkay thaili khai?’ Giving a review towards the song singer and musician Sugam Pokharel responded towards Deepa Shree that she looks hot and se*y in the music video as always.
Deepa Shree has been seen in a music video after a long gap of 18 years. Remembering seeing Deepa Shree at Aanamnagar almost before a decade in a white suit, the singer and musician Sugam responded. He said, ‘Watching the video, I thought it was some other actress, I later got stunned when I realized it was Deepa Shree on continuing watching the video.’

In the song with titled ‘Surkay thaili khai?’ Deepa Shree is paired with Kedar Ghimire (Magne Budo) to dance and she looks amazing. Deepa told  that she was very nervous and sc@red since she was dancing in a music video after 18 years. She shared her shooting experience, ‘I am too fat so I stopped eating any carbohydrate contained food for 10 days before the shooting.’
In the 2nd week of the release of the first song ‘Waiyat cha timro love story’, the send song ‘Surkay thaili khai?’ has been released on Friday. In the song ‘Surkay thaili khai?’ of ‘Ward no 6’ , a complete Nepali surrounding has been created. After the increase in demand of folk song, the song was incorporated in the movie said Deepa Shree. In the music video there are Deepa Shree Niraula, Kedar Ghimire, Deepak Raj Giri and Priyanka Karki, and Dayahang Rai, and Ranjit Gurung, Sitaram Kattel and Jitu Nepal.

Dayahag Rai who is a good actor is also showing some moves in the music video. Even though he is a popular actor, he rarely gets involved in music videos. The song ‘Surkay thaili khai?’ has voice of Anju Panta, Rajan Raj Biswokarma and choreography by Shankar B.C.
The song ‘Waiyat cha timro love story’ which was released before 2 weeks has already been viewed 85 thousand times on YouTube. The production team of the movie seem very positive that the viewers will love the new song too. Since it is a stereo typical Nepali folk song, it can be expected to be loved by people.
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